The Twenty Club draws its audience from a wide geographical area. Many of our Friends first came to support a friend or relative who is in the cast, and  have since become regular audience members.

However, members of the club, particularly the younger ones, move away from Llangollen to go to university as part of their careers or to get married. Although we keep in touch with them, we often lose the friends and relatives that they brought with them. Such people have no real wish to become active members of the club, but they would still like to come to see our plays if they knew when they were on, and how to order tickets.

That’s why we have started the Friends. Through the Friends, you can know well in advance what we are doing, have a little background as to the play, be able to plan your visit in good time and enjoy access to all that the club does, including a special event organised for Friends.

You may have located this site by chance from a search engine. You may have never heard of the Twenty Club. We would still like you to give us a try and, if you enjoy your evening, become a Friend.

What better than a couple of nights in beautiful Llangollen, accompanied by an evening at the live theatre! We look forward to meeting you.

A friend of the Twenty Club will be seen as a special person.

As a Friend, you will receive the following:-

  • A seat for every production on the night of your choice.
  • Several weeks notice of every production.
  • A twice yearly newsletter, giving information about members and events, and including an advance booking form.
  • An invitation to the special Friends Evening, when you will be entertained by members of the club

To become a Friend will cost just £12 per year.

For further information, please fill in the contact form below; alternatively, you can call our Friends Co-Ordinator, Jenni Bakewell-Lloyd by emailing Contact page.

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